Why does G-Store collect (and use) my data?

we aim to create the best likely reader knowledge transversely to every medium. This contains knowing certain things about our audience. For example, knowing which courses you read helps us comprehend your welfare. That material lets us select the types of training we show you in certain parts of the app or site.

It is important to note that we are mainly funded by subscriptions and advertising. Both purposes require the use of readers’ data. For example, we use readers’ data to identify who may be involved in a subscription in order to show you. Our advertisers ask us to use reader data so their ads can be beleaguered at the right audiences.

What sort of data is calm about me when I’m accessing us?

Different types of data are collected based on the different services you use. There are effectively two types of data collection: direct and indirect.

Direct data collection means you are submitting data to us. For example, when you create an account, you submit your email address to set up and personalize it. Indirect data collection takes place passively as you interact with our site or apps. Our tracking technologies collect data about your reading behavior, like which articles you read or how often you visit. Third-party advertisers collect behavioral data associated with their ads shown on our site or apps. Additionally, we collect data about readers from springs like privately-owned bases and social media platforms.

What do we do with the data it collects on me?

We use it to supply our reporting and other aids to you, like endorsing stories that may be of notice. The explicit data we use be contingent on the donation, and how you are retrieving it. We also use your data to alter your experience, which includes marketing and advertising.

How are you keeping my data safe?

We have applied organizational, technical, and physical protections designed to retain our readers’ data safe internally. G-Store is devoted to building, upholding, and upgrading the events we take to defend your data.

What are some ways I can protect my data?

We inspire our readers to take ladders to protect their own data. We recently published a guide on this topic: How to Protect Your Digital Privacy.

Why am I given the option to use Facebook and Google for log-in?

Our readers have stated a desire for our log-in process to be even simpler.

If you sign up via Facebook or Google, they portion limited data with us so we can create an account for you. We do not share any data about your analysis behavior with Facebook or Google when you sign up.

Do we support the Global Privacy Control (GPC)?


When we notice a GPC signal from a reader’s browser where GDPR, CCPA, or a similar privacy law applies, we stop sharing the reader’s personal data online with other companies (except with our service providers).