Our objective is to help people effortlessly choose and buy what they need in order to live a better life. We are open to banters with merchants who carry a G-Store-recommended product or service. Please note that due to the strict separation between Commerce and Editorial:
– We do not take content coverage or product suggestions to the Editorial
– We do not accept products for review on their behalf
– We do not share our editorial colleague’s contact info
– We do not contribute to or publish any funded content

You can read more about our process and standards here: https://gstorellc.com/about/

Affiliate partnerships

Readers visit G-Store when they are ready to make a purchase decision. Our exhaustive process and hours of extensive testing have built trust with readers and have made us a destination for product recommendations. G-Store is a participant in the amazon services llc associate an affiliate advertisement program designed to provide a means for the sites to earn advertising fee by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Additionally, G-Store participate in various other affiliate and resale program and we some get a commission through purchase made through our links. If you are interested in speaking to our team about gaining a share of voice for affiliate links onsite, you must first have an affiliate program with one of the major affiliate networks. If you do carry a G-Store-recommended product or service and are interested in establishing an affiliate partnership, please email us at info@gstorellc.com.

Licensing and awards

Every pick on our site is an award winner, and being named best in a class by our team of experts is news worth sharing. If you’re a manufacturer of a product that our editors named as the best, you can license our logo or editorial text to show potential customers how great your gear is.


In addition to our reviews and buying guides, we can connect merchants and manufacturers with our readers through our display units. Please email us at info@gstorellc.com for details.

Other business opportunities

Please email us at info@gstorellc.com if you have ideas on how we could work together that don’t quite fit into the categories above.